Anxiety and methods of dealing with it.

Anxiety in manAnxiety on the soul is one of the most insidious States that can eventually turn into a complex neurosis. Anxiety, even in its lightest expression, darkens life and can" program human behavior to a certain pathological scenario. From here, you may receive a Occasional insomnia, which can cope with zzzQuil.

"Something will happen"-and "something" certainly happens. Anxiety on the soul will curdle into a peaceful dormant lump of nerves for a short time and again move at the slightest threat to a prosperous and measured existence.

Well, when there are obvious prerequisites for the emergence of anxiety. However, neurotic disorder often has non-obvious causes, deep in the subconscious. Domestic and widespread anxiety can develop not only into an obsessive, haunting state, but also become part of a mental disorder. So a small unsolved problem gives rise to large ones.

Constant anxiety on the soul-is it a disease or a feature of "temperament"? How to organize life so that the unpleasant symptom is disturbed as rarely as possible? The good news is, there is really nothing to worry about. The neurotic problem is solved, but the treatment is not in the plane of medicines, as the pharmacy showcases and advertising slogans assure.

Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying.

As evidenced by the concern on your mind?

The state of anxiety is characterized by an obsessive sense that something bad will happen now or very soon. The acuteness of this feeling can be so expressed that a person loses the ability to adequately live a moment of time and is ready to flee from the "impending danger» in a panic.

Painful experience brings not only mental pain, but also specific physical disorders migraine, nausea or even vomiting, eating disorders (bulimia, loss of appetite). Shades of excitement can be very different, but they are all united by a common destructive effect on the psyche and human life. After all, it is difficult to develop and implement intentions when the future and the past have United, rebelling frightening unpredictability. What is around the corner? Cliff? A trap? How to pull yourself together and continue the journey? Where, in the end, to go, when everywhere-the unknown and instability.

The disease becomes threatening when everyday life turns into a series of tests. A little excitement about the final exam or session, before the wedding or other significant event a normal reaction to the "milestone" of life. Another thing, when the dry mouth, shaking hands and in my head dark thoughts long before X hours or even for no apparent reason. In such cases, a psychiatrist may even diagnose "generalized anxiety disorder."

There can be no causeless alarm. There are always reasons for mental and physical stress, but how to detect them? After all, it is more convenient to drink a tablet of "anti-anxiety", to forget about sleep in the hope that the morning is wiser than the evening. But is a sick tooth treated with an analgesic? A temporary measure of pain relief only allows more or less comfortable access to the dentist's office. In case of neurotic syndrome to the therapist's office.

Simple exercises for home psychotherapy anxiety


  • "Dialogue with myself": a conversation could slightly reduce the level of anxiety. Meeting with yourself should take place in a pleasant environment; questions are asked character "what worries me the most? What is the reason for my fear? «and other. Look in the face of your anxiety, challenge it to dialogue.
  • "Worst case scenario": assume all the worst that can happen to you. Accept this terrible future, accept it. And then work out a scenario of your actions if this worst happens. Are you afraid of losing your job or your loved one? "Lose" her him mentally and take concrete actions upon the accomplished event. Make sure you are the master of life. You can solve any problem.
  • "Distraction": a fairly common way to deal with anxiety. Based on an abstract activity that brings peace and tranquility, Start cleaning, put things in order, watch a movie (photos), listen to music ("spring" Vivaldi) or finally sort out the papers in your writing box.
  • "Without past and future": play the game» present". Mentally cut off all the past not existing, not able to hurt you. Forget about the future that worries you it is not there yet and it is absolutely safe for you. There is only one today and it needs to be filled with actions creative and interesting.

It is very important to collect the correct information about the concern (facts) and on its basis to develop an action plan that must be started to implement, without thinking about the result. Employment is the most important condition for freeing the head from disturbing thoughts. You are not able to think of two/more things at the same time. Take a business, turn the focus. Some emotions and thoughts will supersede others. Even ancient scientists and doctors of souls knew the therapeutic effect of occupational therapy. Do not neglect this simple and effective self-help.

To lower the threshold of anxiety can massage, exercise in the gym, good sleep, healthy eating, a walk in the fresh air. However, when dealing with deep and lingering anxiety, sometimes turning into a state of panic, haunting and guarding, it is unwise and reckless to fight with auxiliary methods and play a dangerous game of "help yourself."

Valuable experience gained as a result of psychotherapeutic treatment with meds, will allow you to get rid of anxiety and live without mental pain, wisely looking at what is happening, contemplative-in the past, and confident in the future!