My Pillow for Neck Pain

Do you often wake up with a sore neck? Does the pain last for a few hours, and in some instances, for several days? You would not believe it, but the way you sleep can be a major reason why you’re often dealing with this condition. Perhaps a change of pillow, like using My Pillow for neck pain, can help you in avoiding this common problem.

Neck pain may seem like a very minor concern but you would be surprised to know the number of people who have to deal with it on a regular basis. It is said that around 10 percent of the adult population is being slowed down by neck pain at any single point in time. And of that number, 50 to 85 percent will be bothered by sore neck again in the next five years.

In some cases, neck pain may be associated with other symptoms such as headaches and a tingling sensation, or weakening of the arms.


There are many possible reasons why you’re having a sore neck. These include:

  • My Pillow for Neck PainInjuries and accidents like whiplash, an injury sustained during an auto accident.
  • Aging—degenerative disorders like osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease can affect the spine and cause sore neck.
  • Poor posture—especially when sleeping, as it can disrupt the natural balance of the spine and cause the neck to bend forward just to compensate for the poor posture.
  • Stress and emotional tension—this can make the muscles contract, resulting in pain and stiffness.


Through the years, experts have suggested several ways to prevent neck pain. These include:

  • Sleeping on your back—this position is said to allow the entire spine to rest comfortably
  • Positioning the computer screen at eye level
  • Exercising the neck muscles—strengthening and stretching exercises can make the neck muscles strong and supple. One good exercise for the neck is the chin tuck exercise.
  • Staying hydrated—drinking 8 glasses of water a day can make you stay hydrated, and keep the discs between the vertebrae in the spine pliable and healthy.
  • Relaxing—stress is considered one of the factors that can worsen neck pain, so doing relaxation techniques like yoga can help prevent sore neck.
  • Adjusting car seat to a more upright position, supporting the head and lower back. The ideal position when driving a car is one wherein you are not reaching for the steering wheel, and the arms in a slightly flexed position.

Pillow for Neck Pain

A pillow may appear like a very simple thing, but because it supports your head and neck while you sleep, it does impact neck pain.  According to experts, the ideal pillow is one that can easily conform to the shape of the neck and provide a supportive area to keep the neck aligned with the spine.

Pillow for Neck PainThere have been studies that looked into the effects of pillows in inducing sleep and preventing neck pain.  One study involved 37 hospital employees and 18 individuals with neck pain who were asked to try six neck pillows with various shapes and consistency.  They were asked to grade the pillows according to pillow, and to describe their ideal pillow over the course of three weeks.

At the end of the study, it was found that 36 of the 55 participants found that pillows positively affected their sleep. Moreover, 27 out of the 42 participants said pillows positively affected neck pain.

The study also recommended the ideal pillow, which is soft and not too high, and can provide adequate support to the neck. It also described the ideal pillow as allergy tested and washable.

It concluded that a pillow with good shape, consistency, and adequate support to the neck can be integrated as part of neck pain treatment.

There are several pillows that you can use to prevent neck pain.  One is a feather pillow that can conform to the shape of the neck. However one problem with feather pillows is that these collapse very easily that you would end up replacing them after a year or so.

You can also try a memory foam pillow that like feather pillow, conforms to the shape of your neck and head.

Experts also suggest using a pillow while riding a plane or car, or just reclining to watch TV. In these instances, a horse-shaped pillow can provide adequate support to the neck, preventing the head from dropping to one side in case you doze off.

Just avoid using a pillow that is too high or stiff, as it can keep the neck flexed overnight that you’ll end up having stiff neck in the morning.

MyPillow for Neck Pain

Pillow for Neck PainMy Pillow should be up there in the list of the best pillows for neck pain.

It provides adequate neck support as well as head support, with its patented fill enabling it to keep the neck straight and aligned with the spine throughout the night.

MyPillow is custom fit, so you’ll find it very comfortable to use regardless of whether you like to sleep on your side, on your back or stomach. It also won’t yield no matter how much pressure you put on it. When you use this pillow, you will not wake up in the morning with your neck bent because you slept in the wrong position.

The design of My Pillow is not the only thing that makes it the best neck pillow in the eyes of those who have used it. It has a cooling effect that can make you comfortable all through the night.  Plus, it won’t cause allergy and asthma because it is hypoallergenic and washable.

If you are not convinced that MyPillow is the best pillow to prevent neck pain, you can go to the official website of this product. You can see a lot of testimonials from My Pillow owners who say they were able to get rid of chronic neck pain after they started using the said pillow.

So if you don’t want to deal with neck pain again, and want to enjoy longer and more restful sleep, then you should get My Pillow. Indeed, MyPillow for neck pain is one investment that you will not regret making.