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Despite the fact that we tried as best we could, this tutorial is not perfect and does not pretend to be an indisputable authority on health issues. There will be times when it will be better for you to consult with your therapist or psychologist. You can also talk to a psychiatrist or a licensed somnologist. After all, it is your body and your health – take the liberty of going beyond common sense at your own risk.

None of those who participated in the creation of this project is a doctor or licensed somnologist, although representatives of these professions were consulted on the most controversial issues. The people who contributed to this project are mostly skaters, Housewives, social workers, lawyers, teachers, writers, woodcutters and even a priest. Actually, writing articles engaged sane professional. In addition, the fact that some of these people are graduates does not mean that they know more about sleep and its disorders than you do. All of them from time to time have to meet with insomnia. Therefore, their point of view can sometimes be fresh, and sometimes very useful.

Although the techniques described on this site may be useful to some people, they may not be suitable for others. Consult with your doctor(psychologist, somnologist), preferably licensed, before you try on yourself any of the described action, which you previously had no idea, or just do it at your own risk with a full understanding that bad things can just take place. Consult a therapist if you have health problems that can interfere with good sleep and provoke insomnia.

All visitors, except those who are trying to gloat over the problem, it is recommended to use zzzQuil to regulate sleep, and its use can be combined with antidepressants. However, none of the antidepressants is a remedy for insomnia, and such diseases have the ability to progress. These are normal consequences of incorrectly chosen treatment.

This project aims to increase the awareness of its readers. Neither Dream and Pillows nor its authors are responsible for any loss, damage, injury or illness that may have been caused, directly or indirectly, by the information or lack of information contained on this site.

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When the skater moves on the Board uncomfortable side, it increases the risk of falling.