My Pillow Review: Can This Pillow Make You Sleep Better?

Are you a light sleeper? Does it take you hours to fall asleep every night? Then MyPillow could be the solution to your sleeping problems. In this review, we’ll take a look at My Pillow which has helped countless people to sleep better at night.

Almost everyone tends to overlook the fact the lack of sleep can have an adverse impact on health. Not only does it make you look older, but it also contributes to obesity. Other negative effects cover reduced sex drive and increased risks of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Of course, many of us would rather sleep than lay restless in our beds. But there are times when we just can’t doze off. If you’re one of those who needs a lot of time to fall asleep or you’re simply a light sleeper, you will find MyPillow an invaluable asset in your bedroom.

What is My Pillow?

my pillowMyPillow is advertised as the most comfortable pillow that you’ll ever own. It provides maximum comfort and support allowing you to get the best possible sleep. It is a machine washable and dryable pillow with built-in cooling effect, intended to wake you up feeling refreshed and energized.

My Pillow is advertised on TV by its inventor Michael J. Lindell, who also happens to be the president of the company producing it. In 2014, the National Sleep Foundation announced that My Pillow has been named its official pillow.

What Are Its Features?

Here is a list of the key MyPillow features:

  • Creates exact, custom fit
  • Provides maximum comfort and support
  • Built-in cooling effect
  • Machine washable and dryable

The pillow features a patented three-piece interlocking fill that gently supports both neck and head. Thanks to this feature, it stays just the way you want it all night long.

The company behind this pillow says this interlocking fill won’t go flat after years of use. In fact, it offers a generous 10 year warranty on the pillow.

What Are Its Pros?

This pillow is designed for every day use.  It is custom fit, meaning it would fit your size and sleeping position.

My Pillow is intended to help address some of the most common sleeping disorders that might have prevented you from getting good night’s sleep, such as snoring. Its interlocking, patented fill allows the pillow to adjust to any position you take while sleeping. It will also keep your neck and head properly supported.

It can also cure insomnia. Thanks to its special fill MyPillow can keep your neck and cervical nerves straight all night long. This is critical to treating insomnia, as it calms you down, leading to relaxation of your neck and shoulder muscles. This in turn supports quick entry into natural REM (rapid eye movement) cycle that facilitates healthy and uninterrupted sleep.

My Pillow can also treat fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder that can make it harder for you to sleep due to body-wide pain and tenderness. This condition has symptoms like fatigue, depression, and difficulty in sleeping. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia complain that they feel tired after waking up.

This pillow is designed to reduce aches that people usually get due to poor sleeping positions. Other conditions it can help relieve are restless leg syndrome, TMJ or temporomandibular joint syndrome, and neck pain.

It can make you feel comfortable all night long because of its cooling effect. Aside from the interlocking fill, this is the other key feature that enables this pillow to makes you fall asleep fast and sound.

MyPillow is completely washable and dryable. It’s also non-allergenic, hence it won’t trigger allergies or asthma, unlike other pillows and beddings containing mold and feathers that can foster reactive airway disease. Its producer recommends that the pillow is laundered every four months, even if it’s clean on the outside.

It’s also available in many retail and online stores, so you should have no problem in ordering My Pillow.

And the best part? You can safely give it a try: if you’re not satisfied with MyPillow, you can return it and get a full refund up to 60 days after you bought the pillow.

What Are My Pillow Cons?

ConsAlthough My Pillow appears to be a very popular product, the fact of the matter is there are also some complaints and issues that consumers have with this item.

One of the most common MyPillow complaints is its price. With a price tag ranging from $50 to $60, a lot of consumers find My Pillow somewhat pricey.  If you’ve always used a cheap pillow, then you will likely find it a tad too expensive for your taste.

However, you can get this side sleeper pillow at a cheaper price if you get discount or promo codes that are frequently available online on our site. The official My Pillow website also regularly offers pillows at discounted prices.

Although its maker offers a full refund should you want to return the pillow for some reason, you would still have to pay shipping charges to return the pillow.

Some customers are not sold on the interlocking fill, claiming that it it feels lumpy or that the fill is like cube-size pieces of rubber. Although even those customers tend to agree that after getting used to sleeping on My Pillow they stopped noticing this effect and were able to reap full benefits this cool pillow offers.

A minority of customers find that when the pillow is new it emits a “plastic” odor. On rare occasions this does happen this odor should completely disappear after the first wash. Should it persist My Pillow maker will be glad to replace your piece.

Should You Buy It?

The price of MyPillow may be somewhat expensive for a mere pillow, but look at it this way — it is designed to help you fall asleep fast and sound. It may just be a pillow, but this could be the solution to your sleep woes.

After all, most experts agree that pillows do indeed affect sleep quality. Getting the wrong pillow can worsen neck pain and arm numbness, and prevent you from sleeping well at night.

My Pillow’s patented design should make you feel more relaxed when lying in bed. It can lessen the pain and discomfort that may prevent you from getting a sound sleep. After thorough review we strongly recommend MyPillow, especially for those who have had enough of insomnia and other sleep problems.